Evening light at a Goan cove - Oil on canvas

Zed Cama Banker
it certainly looks like Dorset - but most importantly - its lovely !!

Manoj Pant Technocrat
This is a great work and you have become very good. And may your creative juices overflow!

Carole Swingler artist
I like the colours and textures.

Phil Kendall artist
Well done. I like the colours & textures...

Sylvia Evans artist
Yes, I like the end result. Full of movement.

Annie Kerr musician, artist and muse
I like this piece. What I like best is that the colours are more subdued than I've seen you use before, which means that lovely gold and bronze get to sing out more. It also seems to be a lot freer than some of your earlier pieces. It reminds me of a couple of artists you might like to Google - Kurt Jackson and David Tress.

Margaret McDougall artist
This is fantastic! Just the sort of effect I would like in my paintings. I do hope you don't mind if I try out some of your ideas?

Max Lennox artist
I like the light on the water very effective

Rosalind Grover artist
- Hi Sunil, Just browsing and came across this painting of yours, which jumped out to me, it is full of life and movement, sensitive colours and the medium is well handled. I have just finished 2 years of studying for an HND in fine art, and I never saw anything on show as beautiful as this