General comments

Niyati Mehta Passion for the Arts
I have more than one fav :) Hope it continues to bring you joy.

Neesha Jhaveri Designer - Mumbai
Come a long way from JJ days and see you've picked up the palate with astounding astuteness - loved Summer landscape. And Scowthistle tops the chart - makes me feel ..... the painting !!

Kaushik Roy Advertising professional - Mumbai
I am so happy to see your portfolio. Great stuff. Please don't stop. And bless you for passing the benefits to charity.

Shaill Jhaveri Jewellery designer - USA
my fav. (and by a mile) was Clapton Mill in winter.......beautifully done.

Mamta Mehta Marketing Professional - USA
- loved your paintings...are they are on sale? I especially liked Hampshire Village Church and Southington Mill.

Sunil Pandya Neuro Surgeon
- 'I really like your apples, like you say you could just pick one up and eat it...' You have an excellent series. I enjoyed all the paintings. … Tuscan monastery, Beached boat and Clapton Mill in Winter would win the first three prizes to my way of reckoning.

Carole Massey English artist
Your paintings look lovely. I particularly liked the Scowthistles and the French Farm.

Susan Gray English artist
I enjoyed looking at your paintings, which I feel are very good.

Geoffrey Moorhouse English author and Traveller
I think your paintings are lovely, you dark old horse of an artist. But why do they all (with one arterial exception) picture places etc in England/Europe?

Karan Grover Architect
Great work. I loved Scowthistles + Grass; After the Master; Apples; Jug and Lemons; French Farmhouses; Evening Light and Flowering Pool in that order. Great once again.

Brenda Bell Picayune Times, American Journalist
I thought all your pieces were good but I'll have to admit my favorite was Clapton Mill in Winter. I had seen the Scowthistles in the card sent to me and just loved it. Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. I love Bluebells to begin with and I really like the way you did the light on the trees and the path. It's a soothing picture to look at and I have put it on my desktop as I find it very calming and peaceful. It was the perfect gift for today. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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